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Grace Madeleine Slater is a Photographic Artist, Writer, Curator and Educator living and working in Brighton. Slater currently holds a PGCert in Creative Education, an MA in Photography from Goldsmiths and a BA in Photography from UCA.

Her photographic practice is mainly focused on human emotion and interaction whilst also questioning the connection and relevance of Photography and its ability or inability to depict emotion. Usually the work takes the form of  a temporary installation, each time different and paired with other medias that aim to trigger a particular emotion within the audience. Regularly investigating feelings of Shame, Otherness, Love and Hate, Slater's work is a personal attempt to understand why we feel the things that we do and if Photography itself can truly represent something intangible.

Slater also founded the artist-led, alternative arts education programme, The AntiMA in January 2020 with the aim to target loneliness within the arts and explore arts education free from institutional restraints and “box ticking” modules. Slater was also inspired to start The AntiMA due to the apparent lack of opportunities for artists in Brighton. Although Brighton is a popular city for creatives and plays host to a range of festivals and fringes, there seemed to be a short supply of open calls, free art classes and groups, even exhibitions at local art galleries and museums. Using her own time and money, Slater began to reach out to local art spaces to find a space to host the monthly meetings and launched an online open call for participants. There was a selection process in which members were put together to form a group of artists, designers, musicians and writers who could educate, encourage and inspire each other. This created the first cohort of The AntiMA.

In 2019 Slater started the podcast series Art School Survivors in the hope to create a resource for fellow art graduates that were struggling to adapt to life after university. In the series, now in its second season, Slater interviews other art school graduate from across the UK to discuss what attending these institutions was like and life since leaving. 

Slater also writes blog posts, reviews and articles based on topical issues in the arts and currently has a monthly feature on the online platform Orbit where she shares an open, written conversation with friend and fellow creative.

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