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All The Places I'm Supposed To Love You? 

All The Places I'm Supposed To Love You? began as a satirical series about being "twenty-something" and being alone. By placing herself once again in front of the camera, Slater performs solo in locations considered picturesque or romantic. As the series progressed it became clear that the initial intentions of the work were not what this work was about. Taking a step away from her usual methods of creating photographic work, meticulous and methodological, the artist decided to shoot the entire series using analogue formats. This gave an uncertainty that removed some control over the outcomes whilst at the same time giving full control over the process. From loading the negatives, to developing them by hand, Slater was able to physically touch her images and once again connect with the photograph as a material object. The work became less about producing the perfect image and more so about producing images at all. All The Places I'm Supposed to Love You? helped the artist fall in love again, not with a person but with Photography itself.

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